GIS Training in Transportation and Environmental Justice for Promoting Student Success in STEAM Education

Minority and lower-income populations have historically been disproportionately underrepresented in STEAM education and jobs. The educational attainment gap for underrepresented minorities graduating high school and earning a college degree, especially in the STEM field, continues to remain wide. Teaching theories of environmental justice and transportation planning in a school curriculum helps to empower the youth of communities by addressing local issues concerning transportation plans and environmental justice and ultimately, helps students to develop skills to make important life and career decisions.

Transportation Equity Curriculum, Phase II: Applied Learning Workbook

Many instructors struggle to effectively integrate applied learning strategies into their courses, particularly for multi-faceted and evolving fields of practice, such as transportation equity. The Equitable Transportation Planning Curriculum for Urban Planning and Transportation Programs (Transportation Equity Curriculum), currently underway with CTEDD funding, will provide emerging professionals with foundational knowledge and include some service-learning components.