Internship Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to promote interest in working in the transportation field upon graduation, and to encourage students to intern with agencies that might be unable to pay interns for their time. 

CTEDD is particularly interested in supporting unpaid internships. Internship hours and salary, as well as location-related expenses, will be taken into consideration in selection decisions.


Currently enrolled students at one of CTEDD’s five consortium universities may apply for this scholarship if they have been selected for an internship and require assistance with living expenses during its duration.

Essential elements in selection include the description of the internship and its relevancy both to the student’s career plans and CTEDD’s six focus areas (See below). Special consideration will be given for internships with agencies of professional prominence, as well as nonprofits and public agencies engaged in noteworthy work in transportation equity and policy.

CTEDD encourages students who have been selected for an internship at a private transportation employer, consultant, government agency, MPO, transportation nonprofit and related employers to apply. Both financial need and academic merit will be taken into consideration when selecting awardees, including whether the internship is paid or unpaid.


CTEDD will provide a minimum of $500 for sufficiently outstanding students if the selection committee identifies any in the given cycle.

Due Date

Due May 29, Dec 1 and Aug 1 for internships the following semester.

Dates are subject to change at the discretion of the CTEDD Director and/or Program Manager.


Please include the following documents:

  • Faculty nomination letter, focusing on the internship and its potential to support the student’s career trajectory.
  • Student letter explaining their career plans and current experience in the transportation field. Students should also describe their experience in the transportation field up to this point, including their thesis, capstone project and/or any transportation project they may have worked on in a research, work volunteer or extracurricular capacity, and how it is related to CTEDD’s focus areas. The letter should also include the student’s expected graduation date.
  • Unofficial transcript.
  • Internship offer letter, including salary or stipend (if paid), expected hours per week or month, beginning and anticipated end date.

The selection committee will select awardees for this scholarship based on:

  • Description of the internship and relevance to the student’s career plans.
  • Significance of chosen area for research or practice (importance, impact).
  • Relevance to one or more of CTEDD’s six focus areas, including:
    • Creative use of existing infrastructures for future transportation needs.
    • Innovative funding strategies for future transportation infrastructure and better maintenance of the existing one
    • Transportation systems, economic competitiveness and equal access
    • Employing big data and innovative techniques to improve system efficiency
    • Ensuring transportation system vitality through performance management and monitoring systems
    • Transportation policy and decision-making
  • Accomplishments in the field to date.
  • Special consideration will be given for reputation of the employer, and location. (Cost will be higher for cities outside the student’s region).
  • Internship, hours and salary (if any)
  • Likelihood of future accomplishments.
  • Letter of nomination.
  • Time to graduation.
  • US Citizenship or permanent resident status of applicant.

The selection panel may decline to make an award in a given category in a given year if it does not consider any of the nominations to be sufficiently outstanding.

The winners will have their names placed on a plaque that will be displayed at CTEDD’s offices at UT-Arlington.

Apply by May 29, 2020 by sending a single PDF to the CTEDD Program Manager at:

Professors nominating students should send confidential letters to separately by the same date.