The Center for Transportation, Equity, Decisions and Dollars (CTEDD) is a USDOT (Tier-1) University Transportation Center funded through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology.

CTEDD will provide the regions of consortium members and beyond with extensive research, educational, outreach and leadership programs and resources to fulfill the demand for the updated knowledge and improving the decision making for the transportation systems via identifying the cost-effective solutions for maintenances and the strategic guidelines for improving the equal transportation services. These guidelines address how to develop an equal and inclusive access for all community members to use the transportation systems and thus lead to the most inclusive and equal access to opportunities. CTEDD has the mission of reaching such goals and envisioned the routes for achieving them available below.

CTEDD is a University of Texas at Arlington-led partnership with the California Polytechnic State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of South Florida.
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CSC Spring Program Released

CTEDD – January 17, 2018

CTEDD Student Council is starting the new semester with the set schedule of several programs for the benefit of its members, following its mission. The list of programs is available on the CSC profile, sign up for membership and stay tuned — See more >

In a Glance: CTEDD 1st Presence in TRB

CTEDD – January 11, 2018

With more than dozen activities including events, presentations, and committees and workshops, CTEDD accomplished its first strong presence at Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting  — See more >

D-Magazine Spotlight of CTEDD Director

D-Magazine – January 11, 2018

CTEDD Director was features in D-Magazine special article about how Transportation Equity research activities of CTEDD team is beneficial to the city of Dallas and region  — See more >