Technology Transfer

CTEDD’s Impact through Technology

CTEDD is focused on ensuring the exciting new developments coming out of our research projects will have a true impact on society. As a policy oriented center for the US Department of Transportation, the new concepts proven through the research conducted by the faculty and students across the member universities will only have that impact when the community stakeholders take part in the process from initial idea through their own implementation. That is where CTEDD’s Technology Transfer thrives. By engaging our expansive community of stakeholders throughout the process, they are prepared to adopt and implement the findings, leading to positive outcomes and impacts for their constituents.

Technology transfer (T2) is this process by which the technology or research products are translated from the lab to society. The goal for CTEDD T2 is to enable the technology or research products to be adopted by a stakeholder who will implement the developed tools, policy, or process that will then lead to positively impacting a group in society. Examples of positive impact include improved access to transportation resources or reduced cost to a government organization in providing a particular service.

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