Student Travel Grants

CTEDD provides funds for associated students to attend domestic and international professional transportation-related conferences for the purpose of presenting a paper on transportation research. Benefits include exposure to cutting-edge research, broader perspectives, networking opportunities, and enhanced oral communication skills by making a research presentation.

CTEDD allocates funding each year for student travel awards.


This Notice of Travel Assistance is conditional on the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be presenting at the academic conference for which travel award is being requested and submit a notice of acceptance along with this form.
  • Applicant must be a current research assistant under a CTEDD-funded Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Applicant must be presenting a topic that is in line with one of CTEDD’s focus areas which are:
    • Creative use of existing infrastructures for future transportation needs.
    • Innovative funding strategies for future transportation infrastructure and better maintenance of the existing one
    • Transportation systems, economic competitiveness and equal access
    • Employing big data and innovative techniques to improve system efficiency
    • Ensuring transportation system vitality through performance management and monitoring systems
    • Transportation policy and decision-making
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are listed as the presenting author for the conference presentation.
  • Priority will be given to applicants presenting at the annual TRB Conference in Washington, DC.
  • Upon return from presenting at the conference, the applicants must agree to prepare and submit a report explaining what he/she has achieved through their presentation and participation at the event, in at least 500 words. The report package is required to include at least two pictures in support of the applicant’s presentation and participation. Pictures must be 200 dpi in quality. In addition, applicants must sign and include the CTEDD photo release form with the returned report (see attached document.)
  • Applicant will be reimbursed for qualifying travel expenses when all receipts are provided to CTEDD staff (, after return from travel.
  • CTEDD cannot reimburse the cost of flights booked directly by the recipient. Applicants wishing to have their airfare covered by a travel grant must request to have their flight arrangements made through CTEDD staff directly.
  • Students may not receive funding if they also received CTEDD travel assistance in the previous calendar year.
  • Only one student per PI, per year, will be considered. For example, if a PI has an active project this year, but also had a separate project active last year, then he or she could nominate a maximum of two students.
  • The presentation document(s) (either poster or PowerPoint) MUST acknowledge CTEDD by using the logo, templates and acknowledgement statement available here.
  • US Citizenship or permanent resident status of applicant.


A maximum of $500 per student will be reimbursed.


Before the conference, you must provide the following information to CTEDD:

  • Destination (CTEDD can only fund travel within the continental United States).
  • Dates of departure and return.
  • Name of hotel at the conference site where you will be staying.
  • US Citizenship or permanent resident status of applicant.

After you return from the conference, you must submit a packet to CTEDD with the following documents:

  • A completed and signed CTEDD Travel Reimbursement Form (provided by CTEDD)
  • A signed Photo/Video Release Form (provided by CTEDD)
  • At least two photographs documenting your work at the conference.

Apply by sending a single PDF to the CTEDD Program Manager at: