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E-Bike Sharing and the Infrastructure Implications and Environmental Impacts of New Technology in Transportation Systems

Electric bicycles, and electric bicycle sharing programs, represent a new technology in the transportation system. E-bike sharing programs have the

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Autonomous Vehicles and their potential to shift transit ridership in urban areas

Autonomous vehicles present a unique opportunity to increase safety, roadway capacity, and even extend services to people with disabilities. At

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Assessment of Extreme Weather Events Under Changing Climate on Transit Desert Communities

Extreme weather events like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Harvey had severe impacts on local communities and their transportation infrastructure. In

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Transportation Policies to Facilitate Electric Vehicle Adoption at the Local Government Level: A Preliminary Study

Electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs/HEVs) form a key component of sustainable urban transportation in the future because these vehicles eliminate

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Innovative Places: Methodological Framework for Measuring Environmental Determinants and Operationalizing an Innovation Index (i-Index)

The role of built environment on promoting innovation has been widely discoursed theoretically and empirically. Yet, there is no comprehensive

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