Supporting Research Dissemination Through the Journal of Public Transportation

Project ID: CTEDD 018-09

Author(s): Robert Bertini, University of South Florida

CTEDD Funding Year: 2018 General RFP

Project Status: In Progress

UTC Funding: $5,000

End Date: August 31, 2019

The Journal of Public Transportation (JPT) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal published by the University of South Florida through the Center for Urban Transportation Research on a quarterly basis. The Journal is now in its 22nd year and has been published solely online since 2014. It is available free via Scholar Commons (, and is indexed in Scopus, the Social Sciences Citation Index, SocINDEX, TOC Premier and Urban Studies Abstracts. JPT has over 900 subscribers from 60 countries.

In the past year, there were 66,611 downloads of 573 papers. The journal contains original research and case studies in public transportation and related policy issues. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines including engineering, planning, economics, geography, and public policy. For articles selected for publishing emphasis is placed on identifying innovative solutions to public transportation problems.

Acceptance of new manuscripts was temporarily suspended in early 2017, due to the outcome of the 2016 University Transportation Center (UTC) competition. Recently a special issue on the Future of Public Transportation was published and two more special issues are planned for 2018 (one on Transit Safety and Security and one on Transit Automation).

Work on this project will allow acceptance and publication to be resumed, with 4 issues per year. Tasks to be performed include the peer process, editing, preparation for publishing and the distribution process. CTEDD will be noted as a sponsor and will be asked to appoint one or more members to the Editorial Board. CTEDD can play a formative role in defining themes, special issues, and links to conferences and will aid in shaping the journal for the next generation.