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Project Details

Author(s) Mouyid Islam, University of South Florida
Co-Author(s) Chanyoung Lee, University of South Florida & Anurag Pande, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
CTEDD Funding Year 2018 General RFP
Project Status Complete
UTC Funding $65,000
End Date August 31, 2019


Setting priority in highway improvement projects where safety consideration plays a differentiating role in the decision making process. As such, quantitative safety is now being recognized as an important element in the project selections process at the planning phase. Quantitative evaluation of safety performance of particular roadway facilities, for example, segments and intersections, is critical to understand where the safety concerns need to be addressed on a priority basis. Moreover, it is also important to implement appropriate safety improvements to prioritized set of locations where promise of safety benefits is potentially high. This process will support the decision making process at the planning phase of project selection at the state, local and regional level. With the application of multiple safety improvements in candidate locations based safety consideration, this tool is expected to allow decision makers to allocate the funding more strategically along different corridors of roadway facilities considering the safety concerns of different emphasis areas in the jurisdictions. This tool will be developed based on the historical crash database, roadway inventory, unit cost of improvements, and crash modification factors (CMF clearinghouse) highlighting the emphasis areas identified in Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) by their magnitude. This tool will be utilized to understand where the limited funding could be potentially allocated to achieve better return from a set of candidate locations or emphasis areas in a particular jurisdiction in Florida. While the application of the proposed research will be demonstrated using Florida data, outreach to jurisdictions in California, including San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) and Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) (which have supported past projects funded by C-TEDD), will ensure a wider application of the research findings.

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