Transportation Equity Needs Assessment Toolkit

Project ID: CTEDD 020-01

Author(s): Kristine Williams, University of South Florida

Co-Author(s): Jeff Kramer, University of South Florida & Yaye Keita University of South Florida

CTEDD Funding Year: 2020 General RFP

Project Status: Complete

UTC Funding: $150,000

This project would complement the Transportation Equity Scorecard ─ a tool for project screening and prioritization ─ that is currently being developed by the project team with funding from CTEDD. For this RFP, we propose developing a needs assessment audit tool and supporting guidance to demonstrate how the equity criteria and methods in the Scorecard would be applied by MPOs and local governments to assess the transportation needs of communities of concern, including minority and low-income households, LEP populations, children, elderly, and persons with disabilities.

This project continues a prior study, and together the two form a comprehensive approach from needs identification to project prioritization in the form of a Transportation Equity Toolkit. The Hillsborough MPO agrees to partner with the researchers on pilot application of the audit tool, with the City of Tampa and University Area Community Development Corporation (CDC) as key stakeholders.

The complete toolkit will focus on the systematic identification of transportation and related needs of various communities of concern, beginning with public involvement and extending to project prioritization. The toolkit will include a transportation equity audit tool and complementary guidance materials that will be combined with the prioritization scorecard for a comprehensive approach to transportation equity at the regional and local level. The toolkit could be applied for a variety of transportation needs assessment purposes, including long range transportation plans, transportation disadvantaged service plans, transit development plans, bicycle and pedestrian plans, comprehensive plans, and neighborhood plans.