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Project Details

Author(s) David Noyce, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Co-Author(s) Andrea Bill, University of Wisconsin – Madison
CTEDD Funding Year 2021 Educational RFP
Project Status In Progress


Transportation is at cusp of a revolutionary transformation with the confluence of the rapid deployment of automation, connectivity, and electric mobility solutions in the near future. Accompanying this swift transformation is the need to inform, educate, and prepare the workforce to support and enable the deployment of these technologies in a fast and effective approach. Specifically, electrification of the transportation sector is the most imminent and requires professionals in disparate domains to be educated and trained about the interdisciplinary aspects of electric vehicles and the concomitant infrastructure and policy requirements. The objective of this proposal is to develop a course addressing the needs of working professionals in public and private transportation infrastructure organizations (at the local, state, and federal level) , utilities, EV manufacturers, grid operators and others. The course will be structured into modules that address different aspects so that the course can be customized to audience requirements. The course can be delivered in person or in a virtual setting.