Research Projects

Preparing Future Workforce For Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment

August 18, 2021
Project ID: CTEDD 021-16
Author(s): David Noyce, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Co-Author(s): Andrea Bill, University of Wisconsin – Madison
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2021 Educational RFP
Transportation is at cusp of a revolutionary transformation with the confluence of the rapid deployment of automation, connectivity, and electric mobility solutions in the near future. Accompanying this swift transformation is the need to inform, educate, and prepare the workforce to support and enable the deployment of these technologies in a fast and effective approach.

Transportation Electrification Learning Module for Civil Engineering Students

August 8, 2021
Project ID: CTEDD 021-15
Author(s): Shams Tanvir, California Polytechnic State University
Co-Author(s): Anurag Pande, California Polytechnic State University; Michael Maness, University of South Florida
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2021 Educational RFP
The project team proposes to develop a hands-on learning module for Civil Engineering students. In this module, students will learn how to craft policies and facilitate operations for sustainable deployment of electric transportation.

Environmental Justice Implications of Roadway Topography

July 5, 2021
Project ID: CTEDD 019-09
Author(s): Franklin Gbologah, Georgia Institute of Technology
Co-Author(s): Michael Rogers, Georgia Institute of Technology
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2019 General RFP
Automobile emissions from highways are known to have harmful effects on the public. These harmful effects also raise concerns of environmental justice because their severity is highest near the transportation network. Established methodologies used in regional planning to identify the critical extent of emission dispersal from the highway and also to demarcate the boundaries of population group that is most at risk uses a fixed distance buffer analysis.

Where to? Origins and Destinations of TNC and Transit Trips Based on Mobile Devices

July 5, 2021
Project ID: CTEDD 019-11
Author(s): Anurag Pande, California Polytechnic State University
Co-Author(s): Sean Barbeau, University of South Florida
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2019 General RFP
Over the past decade, the rapid development and adoption of mobile computing and telecommunications technology has begun to disrupt established business models based on providing mobility services that were previously available primarily through the public sector (particularly public transit agencies) or that were privately provided through households’ and firms’ directly-owned and operated vehicles. Transportation has entered an era of immense change, with many transportation network companies (TNCs) both complementing and competing with public transit.

Transportation Equity Scorecard: A Tool for Project Screening and Prioritization

July 5, 2021
Project ID: CTEDD 019-12
Author(s): Kristine Williams, University of South Florida
Co-Author(s): Jeff Kramer, University of South Florida; Yaye Keita, University of South Florida
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2019 General RFP
Despite disparity in methods and efforts, many Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are seeking to incorporate equity in their planning and project prioritization processes. Yet MPOs often focus on avoiding adverse and disproportionate impacts of projects on traditionally underserved communities, without an equal focus on developing projects that advance the needs of these communities. In addition, although the economic benefits of projects are a key priority to MPOs in the project prioritization process, few MPOs screen and rank projects based on whether they specifically improve access to opportunity for low income and minority communities.