Researcher Highlight: Jacky Loh

Jacky Loh is currently attending Cal Poly SLO as a graduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Blended Master’s program. Jacky is originally from Arcadia, California. He grew interested in civil engineering for two relatively simple reasons. The first was that he always seemed to gravitate towards wanting to help those around him, solve their problems and work on a solution. The second was that he wanted to leave behind some kind of physical legacy, he says, “something that I could look back upon with pride and remember that I helped build/construct it. I thought that engineering, with all its problem-solving skills, would allow me to best achieve those two goals.”

Jacky hasn’t had any experience as a full-time engineer just yet, but he has first got involved with CTEDD through the advising of Dr. Anurag Pande, who is currently a transportation professor teaching at Cal Poly SLO. As a graduate student, he was required to take on and complete a thesis as part of hris graduation requirements. “Dr. Pande reached out to me back in 2017 and mentioned his involvement in transportation research. He offered me a basis for my thesis, allowing me to take the first steps towards completing my master’s degree”, Jacky says. Jacky states, “My contributions to CTEDD have been focused on my thesis that delves into adaptive ramp metering and how it affects efficiency and safety on Interstate 80.”

Some of Jacky’s proudest accomplishments include participating as a construction captain on the Cal Poly Concrete Canoe team from 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 and winning the national competition during both years while juggling school, work, and his personal life. His day-to-day is mainly been a typical student day. “For the most part, classes and my thesis consume the better part of my day, though I like to go out and exercise or with friends towards the evenings or during the weekends.”

“My experience at Cal Poly has helped me grow and mature as a person and engineer immensely. I’m satisfied that due to the “learn by doing” mentality that the school pursues, I have the practical experience that would allow me to succeed once I take on bigger projects in the working world.” As of now, Jacky hopes that he can achieve the two goals he has for himself while still enjoying his work. He is unsure of whether this will entail research or consulting in transportation, but he can see himself doing both.