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CTEDD Scholarship Program

CTEDD proudly introduces CTEDD Scholarship Program. Scholarships provided will be of four types:-

Student Transportation Scholarship

Student Transportation Scholarships are merit-based, and designed to support and encourage students interested in pursuing a career in the transportation industry, or pursuing graduate study in a related field.  Both undergraduates and graduate students are eligible and must be nominated by a faculty member.  Recipients will be selected by a panel of the CTEDD Advisory Board and faculty.  Students must be currently enrolled at one of CTEDD’s consortium universities: The University of Texas at Arlington, Georgia Tech, the University of South Florida, the University of Wisconsin at Madisonor California Polytechnic State University.  All students are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to undergraduates.

Transportation Thesis or Dissertation Scholarship

The CTEDD Transportation Fellowship program recognizes outstanding students working on original research in transportation leading to an advanced degree in a transportation field. Its purpose is to recognize and promote the highest-quality research conducted by our graduate students.

Internship Scholarship 

This scholarship is designed to promote interest in working in the transportation field upon graduation, and to encourage students to intern with agencies that might be unable to pay interns for their time.  Currently enrolled students at one of CTEDD’s five consortium universities may apply for this scholarship if they have been selected for an internship, and require assistance with living expenses during its duration.  CTEDD is particularly interested in supporting unpaid internships.  Internship hours and salary, as well as location-related expenses, will be taken into consideration in selection decisions.

Student Travel Grants

CTEDD provides funds for associated students to attend domestic and international professional transportation-related conferences for the purpose of presenting a paper on transportation research. Benefits include exposure to cutting-edge research, broader perspectives, networking opportunities, and enhanced oral communication skills by making a research presentation. CTEDD allocates funding each year for student travel awards.

More information about the scholarship program can be found in our Scholarship section of education page (/education/)

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