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Dallas’ Poverty Problem Explained in a Single Map

August 21, 2017
This morning, Shima Hamidi, the Director of the Institute of Urban Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Architecture, Planning, … Read More > D Magazine

A TRANSIT PROBLEM: DART’s focus on rail hurts those who need transit most

August 19, 2017
When you factor in the cost of transportation, Dallas’ low-cost advantages disappear. As research by professor Shima Hamidi, at the UT Arlington has shown, when transportation costs are factored in … Read More > Dallas News (blog)

There’s No Such Thing as Upwardly Mobile When You’re Waiting for a DART Bus

August 18, 2017
Is betrayal too strong a word for what Dallas Area Rapid Transit has done to Dallas? I only ask because I’m pretty sure that’s what the City … Read More > Dallas News (blog)

Assistant Professor Pens Book on Urban Sprawl

August 18, 2017
Shima Hamidi, Institute of Urban Studies director, has researched and co-authored a book, Costs of Sprawl, over the past five years … Read More > The Shorthorn (blog)