CTEDD Student of the Year 2020 Announced

CTEDD is proud to present our 2020 Student of the Year, Mrs. Ladan Mozaffarian of the University of Texas at Arlington. Ladan was selected by our leadership team as the student researcher who best embodies CTEDD’s spirit of student achievement, and we look forward to her future contributions to scholarship and social change.

Ladan is a second-year doctoral student in the Urban Planning and Public Policy (UPPP) program at the College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Policy (CAPPA) at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Coming from a background in architecture and landscape architecture, she chose to pursue a Ph.D. in urban planning because of its interdisciplinary nature. She developed an interest in researching and working on transportation, public transit, and their aspects after working on several subway station projects, their place-making studies, and their feasibility studies. As a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Public Policy, she is interested in knowing how cities will shape, and be shaped by, their human inhabitants. In that vein, she seeks to understand and document the economic, social, and environmental impacts of the relationship between humans and the built and natural environments. Finally, she aims to synthesize useful findings on how urban planners and policymakers should react to social and environmental change. Accordingly, she has developed a research interest in innovation districts as living laboratories for understanding how technology and innovation bring economic development to cities. Besides economic development, she is also interested in analyzing the social and environmental impacts of innovation districts on cities. She plans to pursue a career in research and academia after graduation.

Ladan works as a Graduate Research Assistant at CTEDD, under the mentorship of Dr. Roya Etminani-Ghasrodashti. She has contributed to studies on medical transportation, machine learning, innovation districts, TOD development, and transit planning.