Goal:TX-BBB will help board members make community and rider-focused decisions through professional networks, organized educational programs and digital resources. The partnership will bring fresh ideas and innovative thinking to transit boards across Texas, examine transit services from the riders’ perspective, while also empowering them to speak out on issues that affect their community. TX-BBB is envisioned to transform into a long standing Texas Association of Transit Board Members.

TX-BBB Boot Camp:This will be our flagship event tailored for active board members across Texas. Locally created focusing on transit issues in Texas, this seminar will provide an opportunity for participants to convene, exchange ideas and discuss challenges they face as transit decision-makers in Texas. The event will have one-and-a-half days of presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshop and round table sessions on topics that will be most beneficial for our State’s board members 

TX-BBB future programs & Activities

Texas BBB Networking Summit – This event will focus on information sharing and networking ties between all transit agency board members, new and experienced.

Texas Transit Board Network – The members will have access to a listserv-based network of board members across Texas. The group will include both current and retired board members, and will serve as a primary communications link for all events and networking opportunities.

Mentor Matching – TX-BBB staff will develop and maintain a mentorship program to match incoming/new board members with experienced board members who can offer unique insights into the role.

Online Library – The TX-BBB Online Library will be a digital information resource, open only to network members. The Library will include the digital version of the Boot Camp presentation files, Journal issues, educational resources, and links to helpful news articles on transit leadership.

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30/09/2019 09:00 – 01/10/2019 13:30

UTA Central Library 6th floor.

Address:702 Planetarium Pl, Arlington, TX 76019