ACSP Pre-organised Session: Equity in Transportation Policy

CTEDD is the organizer of a session during the 57th ACSP Annual Conference which its description is as follows:

Session Description:

This session will foster a dialogue on the transportation policy challenges preventing equal access to jobs, services, and opportunities. What are the inadequacies in current policies, and how can they respond to equity needs? What can they do to ensure that new transportation technologies are offered equally to different income groups, and different sectors of society? Most crucially, how does the policy process itself hinder planners’ efforts to rectify such problems, often through lack of attention to the issue, and failure to grasp the extent of the problem? This session will uncover some of the most consequential policy gaps, and begin a open a discourse on how the policy process can work to provide more equitable transportation.


  • Discuss the transportation policy process.
  • Identify equity gaps in the transportation system.
  • Assess how the transportation policy process can be improved to resolve equity issues.

Information for Registration

12/10/2017 08:00 – 15/10/2017 10:16

57th ACSP Annual Conference