About Us

Texas Building Better Boards, or TX-BBB is part of a nationwide effort by the TransitCenter to strengthen public transit and make our cities more just and sustainable.  TX-BBB is sponsored by the TransitCenter—a nationwide nonprofit organization that supports local efforts designed to ensure informed, well-educated transit agency boards, with the tools needed to tackle local and regional transportation challenges.  TX-BBB is focused on building and improving the capacity of transit board members in the state of Texas to make informed decisions and learn from other board members in their state facing similar challenges.  This includes vital information on board membership, community relations, politics of transit; education on how transit systems are constructed and financed; information on how transit systems function to serve the public; and discussion of hot topics, including rotating mixture of tours, demonstrations and debates on the latest trends in public transit.  This event is part of a number of programs intended to be developed on an annual basis, including both a training workshop for board members and a networking summit.  The workshop will include training exercises and information about the latest developments in the field.  The networking summit will focus on information sharing and networking between transit agency board members, both new and experienced.  Both events will include opportunities to learn from each other and develop solutions to mutual challenges.  Follow-up activities like the development of a listserv, mentor matching for new/incoming board members, and development of an online library with digital information resources will ensure strong cross-board ties long after the day of the event.    TX-BBB has a formal governing board, and is housed at the Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions and Dollars (CTEDD) at the University of Texas at Arlington.