tag: Mixed Methods Analysis

Future @ Fort Worth: Capacity Analysis, Success Factors, and Growth Vision for the Fort Worth Medical Innovation District (FW-MID)

The City of Fort Worth, Texas, has requested the University of Texas at Arlington to develop a framework, capacity analysis,

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Equity Assessment of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentives

The development and deployment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) helps reducing energy use, achieve greater energy security, decrease emissions, and

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Food and Flora Waste to Fleet Fuel: Development and Application of the F4 Framework

As cities strive for more sustainable transportation systems, many are considering renewable fuels for fleets. Biogas has several advantages as

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Where to? Origins and Destinations of TNC and Transit Trips Based on Mobile Devices

Over the past decade, the rapid development and adoption of mobile computing and telecommunications technology has begun to disrupt established

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Assessing Viability of Carsharing for Low-Income Communities

With the increasing benefits of car-share programs, it is important to understand how individuals characterize each service as well as

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