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Incorporating Mixed Automated Vehicle Traffic in Capacity Analysis and System Planning Decisions

It is predicted that half of the vehicles sold and 40% of vehicle travel could be autonomous in the 2040s. However, how the presence of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) impact highway capacity and network system performance remain unclear. Without this knowledge, it is hard to understand and quantify the implication of the disruptive CAV technologies on the existing traffic operations. Also, it would be difficult for […]

A Way Forward: Designing a Flexible Transportation Network that Advances Opportunities and Connectivity for Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas

The cities of Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas, are among the most rapidly-growing suburban communities in the country, with growing populations of commuters, university students, older adults, and others with a wide range of transportation needs and expectations. In spite of this rapid and diverse growth, the two cities lack any form of structured, fixed-route […]

Union Rides: Harnessing the Shared Value of Commute Travel

Founded in 1979, Union Cab operates the largest taxi fleet in Madison, WI. Our vision is to develop a shared ride service within Union Cab—Union Rides—that will reach and serve the diverse group of non-drivers and zero-car households in the region by collaborating directly with employers, workers, and community organizations. These stakeholders will use discussion […]

Integrating Equity into MPO Project Prioritization

Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) have limited funding resources and must consider the potential returns on their investment when prioritizing any project. Among these returns is the degree to which a project provides historically disadvantaged communities with greater access to economic opportunity. This research aims to document effective methods for use by MPOs in project prioritization […]