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Measuring Transportation Network Performance during Emergency Evacuations: A Case Study of Hurricane Irma Camp Fire

The United States has witnessed several natural disasters in recent memory. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods not only cause extensive monetary damages but also lead to spatio-temporal displacement of affected residents. Often, in these scenarios, governments at various levels –state/regional/local –grapple with how to effectively evacuate those affected while ensuring their safe […]

Social Media Analysis for Transit Assessment

The impact of personal opinions, attitudes, and belief is significant in decision-making processes for public transportation services. Therefore, stakeholders and transportation planners have been trying to collect various information on public transit service and performance to assess quality and management strategies. In this regime, social network service (SNS) can be considered as a large but […]

Development of a real-time roadway debris hazard spotting tool using connected vehicle data to enhance roadway safety and system efficiency

Roadway debris and other unexpected obstructions, such as surface damage, or lane hydroplaning due to weather conditions like snow or precipitation, can lead to significant traffic delays or worse, crashes. The presence of roadway debris is particularly concerning in high-traffic and high-speed roadways where dense traffic conditions reduce visibility and large volumes of vehicles are […]

Improving Transportation Performance Measurement via Open “Big Data” Systems – Phase 1

This project will create a “big data” centralized repository of archived real-time multimodal information to assist practitioners, researchers, and students in better understanding the transportation network across multiple regional geographic areas. This project will review data for multiple modes for inclusion in the repository, and develop open-source software for archiving this information that can be […]

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