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Project Details

Author(s) Sharareh Kermanshachi, University of Texas at Arlington
Co-Author(s) Kelly Bergstrand, University of Texas at Arlington
CTEDD Funding Year 2018 SEED Grant
Project Status Complete
UTC Funding $29,987.91
End Date January 31, 2019


This study addresses the question of how the PDRBs affect the timeliness of the recovery process of affected communities. This research will add to body of knowledge about post-disaster recovery by addressing gaps in the existing literature on integrated analysis of PDRBs. To address the mentioned gap in the literature, this study articulated the following three research objectives: (1) identify and categorize the PDRBs, (2) determine the impact weight of each of the identified PDRBs and prepare a prioritized list of PDRBs that hinder proactive disaster mitigation, and (3) develop a causality model, determining the relationships and interdependencies of exogenous and endogenous PDRBs.

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