Fast Reference‐free Crack Measurement (RACM) System in Transportation Infrastructures using Noncontact Ultrasound

Project ID: CTEDD-017-11

Author(s): Suyun Ham, University of Texas at Arlington

CTEDD Funding Year: 2017 General RFP

Project Status: Complete

UTC Funding: $44,992.98

End Date: August 31, 2018

The research objectives of this project are the maintenance of transportation infrastructure:

  1. to develop and improve the reference-free crack measurement (RACM) hardware system for field applications,
  2. to develop a post-processing diagnostic framework,
  3. to develop monitoring system based on internet of things.

In the research category, the reference-free crack measurement system is an innovative technique to improve system efficiency and better maintenance of existing infrastructure. In addition, the internet-of-things-based monitoring system is the upgraded monitoring system for infrastructure maintenances and performance management of transportation systems.

Therefore, the major goal of the program is to develop cost effective crack measurement system and user interface monitoring platform. In the education category, since this technique is linked to civil engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science fields, the introduction of this technique in a class or training course will attract and educate both undergraduate and graduate students. In the technology transfer category, the goal of the program is to develop the measuring system based on wave backscattering to transfer this technique to inspection method of concrete structure.