Research Projects

Evaluation of Adaptive Ramp Metering on I80 in The San Francisco Bay Area

January 25, 2018
Project ID: CTEDD 017-01
Author(s): Anurag Pande, California Polytechnic State University
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2017 General RFP
I-80 is the first corridor in the Bay area to have Adaptive Ramp Metering capability. This CTEDD (Center for Transportation Equity Decisions and Dollars) supported research analyzes highway performance data from I-80 corridor along with user perception of the new capabilities to provide lessons to ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) planners, engineering practitioners, and policy-makers on future implementation of Adaptive ramp metering (ARM) in the Bay area.

Transportation Policies to Facilitate Electric Vehicle Adoption at the Local Government Level: A Preliminary Study

January 1, 2018
Project ID: CTEDD 018-01 SG
Author(s): Ankur Jain, University of Texas at Arlington
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2018 SEED Grant
Electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs/HEVs) form a key component of sustainable urban transportation in the future because these vehicles eliminate or reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and also minimize air pollution. Transportation policies that encourage the adoption of EVs/HEVs are critically needed. The adoption of EVs/HEVs in a given urban landscape depends on a number of factors related to multiple disciplines, and interactions between a number of stakeholders.

Fast Reference‐free Crack Measurement (RACM) System in Transportation Infrastructures using Noncontact Ultrasound

October 10, 2017
Project ID: CTEDD-017-11
Author(s): Suyun Ham, University of Texas at Arlington
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2017 General RFP
The research objectives of this project are the maintenance of transportation infrastructure: i) to develop and improve the reference-free crack measurement (RACM) hardware system for field applications, ii) to develop a post-processing diagnostic framework, iii) to develop monitoring system based on internet of things. In the research category, the reference-free crack measurement system is an innovative technique to improve system efficiency and better maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Evaluation of Pavement Performance Using Remote Sensing Techniques

October 10, 2017
Project ID: CTEDD 017-10
Author(s): Anand J. Puppala, University of Texas at Arlington
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2017 General RFP
Annually, transportation agencies spend several millions of dollars of expenditures for their rehabilitation works due to the problematic soils underneath the infrastructure assets. The soils in Dallas-Fort Worth region have high tendency to undergo swell-shrink behavior that contributes to the premature failure of pavements. The proposed research focused on conducting the laboratory tests on the field collected samples and validating their field performance using innovative data collection technologies.

Overcoming Local Barriers to Regional Transportation: Understanding Transit System Fragmentation from an Institutionalist Framework

October 10, 2017
Project ID: CTEDD 017-08
Author(s): David Weinreich, University of Texas at Arlington
CTEDD Grant Cycle: 2017 General RFP
While the federal government spends billions on transit projects each year, many regions have poor coordination of services, with some regions having over 21 transit agencies failing to offer integrated schedules, fares and services, while other regions have large swaths that are completely unserved. Many of these inefficiencies are not due to a lack of technology or funding, but to failing of the local funding and governmental structure.