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CTEDD Scholarship Winners Announced

The Center for Transportation Equity, Decisions, and Dollars is proud to announce its CTEDD Scholarship recipients for the coming academic year. Nine students at four universities will share almost $13,000 in support. The winners are all emerging scholars in transportation topics ranging from pavement science to senior-friendly transit. These individuals represent the promise of CTEDD and its university partners in advancing the next generation of scholars and transportation advocates. The dollar amount varies based on their tier of scholarship (Gold, Silver, Bronze) awarded by the selection committee.

Join us in congratulating the recipients of the 2020 CTEDD Scholarships Program.

Student Campus Scholarship Awarded
Amy Marusak UTA Student Transportation Scholarship
James Hughes UWM Student Transportation Scholarship
Daniel Arredondo USF Student Transportation Scholarship
Tobias Coon USF Student Transportation Scholarship
Erin Murphy UTA Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship
April Gadsby GIT Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship
T. Reid Passmore GIT Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship
Becca Kiriazes GIT Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship
Joanna Glover UTA Thesis/Dissertation Scholarship