APATX17 Planning for the Transportation System that Provides Equal Access for All

November 3, 2017
Panel Description: This session will foster a dialogue on transportation policies that are now preventing equal access to jobs, services and opportunities. The discussion panel will examine what are the inadequacies in current policies, and how planners can better respond ... Read more

APATX17 Planning for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Urban Ecosystems

November 2, 2017
Panel Description: The fact that manufacturing employments are shrinking, the high-tech industry is growing and a knowledge-based economy is driving planning guidelines has led to several planning approaches such as creative cities, knowledge-based urban development, innovation districts, etc. Many cities ... Read more

ACSP Pre-organised Session: Equity in Transportation Policy

October 12, 2017
CTEDD is the organizer of a session during the 57th ACSP Annual Conference which its description is as follows: Session Description: This session will foster a dialogue on the transportation policy challenges preventing equal access to jobs, services, and opportunities. ... Read more