CTEDD student chapter hosts several competitions including Student Multimedia Competition and Quick and Comprehensive Presentations.

The Multimedia Competition invites participants to address our transportation infrastructure issues through the digital art. Competition accepts short movies on the transportation issues that highlight CTEDD mission and related CTEDD’s primary focus areas.

The Quick and Comprehensive Presentations is a competition that participants will be presenting their research, dissertation, thesis and any other transportation related activities in a limited period of time. The competition calls for a summary of presentations that participants will deliver and whose selection process is based on their relevance to CTEDD’s main themes.

CSC Multimedia Competition

General Theme:General Theme:

The entries should display and challenge the engagement of transportation infrastructure efficiency or inefficiency in diverse daily life.Are services around you provided for everybody equally?

Topics (Specify the related #topic in you submission):

1. Challenges, equity and transportation.

2. Transportation infrastructure and daily life.

3. Transportation and equal access.

4. Public participation and transportation related legislations.

5. Innovations and/or inventions in the transportation system.

Short movie category (5-7 minutes):

Each short movie entry should have a brief description (150 words maximum). Edits and filters that enhance the message of entries are encouraged.

1st Place $600

2nd Place $350

3rd Place $250

Photography (Captioned):

Each photography entry should have a caption (50 words maximum). Entry quality should be at least 250dpi. Photography entries should not be filtered or edited.

1st Place $400

2nd Place $250

3rd Place $150

This competition is open only to domestic CSC student members. CSC membership is open to all UTA students and staff, to get a membership: CSC Membership Sign in Form

Entries will be displayed during CSC Symposium

Deadline: March 15th, 2018

For submission inquiries, contact: