SEED Grant 2018: Current Projects

Project 1: Transportation Policies to Facilitate Electric Vehicle Adoption at the Local Government Level: A Preliminary Study


Principal Investigator: Ankur Jain

Electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs/HEVs) form a key component of sustainable urban transportation in the future because these vehicles eliminate or reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources, and also minimize air pollution. Transportation policies that encourage the adoption of… see more

Project 2: Assessment of Extreme Weather Events Under Changing Climate on Transit Desert Communities


Principal Investigator: Diane Jones Allen

Extreme weather events like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Harvey had severe impacts on local communities and their transportation infrastructure. In many cases evacuation out of flooded areas was difficult because of a lack of adequate transportation infrastructure. In this study, a… see more

Project 3: Creative Utilization of Urban Roadway Facilities with Predictive Safety Assessment Tool – Phase 1


Principal Investigator: Mouyid Islam

Preservation and creative utilization of existing infrastructure and facilities in urban areas play a significant role for transportation system users from the negative externalities. The responsibilities of safety professionals, transportation planners, and decision makers are critical… see more

Project 4: Assessing Viability of Carsharing for Low-Income Communities


Principal Investigator: Kate (Kyung) Hyun

Carsharing technology has become an important transportation option in population-dense, car-centric cities in the U.S. (e.g., Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City) over the past 20 years as it provides mobility and promotes public… see more

Project 5: Identifying, Weighting and Causality Modeling of Social and Economic Barriers to Rapid Infrastructure Recovery from Natural Disasters: A Study of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria


Principal Investigator: Sharareh Kermanshachi

United States national and economic security rest upon a foundation of highly interdependent critical infrastructures. However, Natural disasters, especially hurricanes, occur frequently in U.S. and yield significant and substantial damages to the critical infrastructures and regional… see more

Project 6: Trip and Parking generation at Transit-Oriented Developments: Two Case Studies in Texas


Principal Investigator: Shima Hamidi

The decision on how best to allocate land around transit stations is a debated topic, with transit officials often opting for park-and-ride lots over active uses such as multifamily housing, office, and retail organized into transit-oriented developments (TODs). Providing large… see more